But right now, you’re not THRIVING at your fullest and making the biggest impact possible.

  • You don’t know where to start when it comes to real, sustainable self-care.

    You’ve likely tried implementing “healthy habits” without much success in up-keeping them, and you may indulge in the occasional pampering treatment that (feels amazing, but) isn’t getting the daily results you would like.

  • You realize you’ve been running in circles doing everything for everyone else

    You’ve somehow used the precious free time you DID have for yourself to mindlessly scroll through social media while feeling stressed out and feeling dissatisfied.

  • You feel “guilty” or “selfish’ for taking time to yourself

    when clients are requesting feedback or answers from you, or fear that if you do you won’t be able to maintain the level of success you’ve created.

  • You feel your energy is “draining” over time and often find yourself “spread too thin

    between work, relationships, and other obligations in life, and you may feel as though you are never truly connected to yourself – not even when spending time alone.


  • You have a feeling that that self-care could be more than face masks and bubble baths

    as you find those rituals don’t leave you feeling truly revitalized and fulfilled for long.


  • You feel like you don’t have the time

    between meetings, calls, “busy” work and the overall demands of life to set aside consistent time in the day.


And I get it. I’ve been there.

And this is why I’m here to share with you that there is a better way for leading and living.

To lead and support others, our own well being and alignment must be prioritized.

And It starts internally with you.

It’s easy to spend all day working and get caught up in the midst of the bustle of life. But there’s only so much energy that you have before you’re burnt out. At a certain point, doing so can cost you your health, relationships and success.


That’s why giving from an empty cup isn’t service… it’s self-neglect.

This is why REAL self-care is more than bubble baths and massages (I love those delicious things, yet so much more is needed to create long-lasting results!).

Real self-care is deep and sustainable; it creates long-term results in each area of your life thanks to your commitment to look at what isn’t fully working in your life, and taking aligned action to shift it.

Self-Care Is The New Hustle

My 8 week sacred honouring journey – a pathway to self-care.


The DEEP Self-Care Program that will help you thrive in your emotional, mental, energetic and physical bodies…
True success starts within.


And to bring yourself to the highest alignment requires looking at self-care holistically; moving past the surface-level activities (bubble baths and face masks) and creating deeply honouring practices to bring your emotional body, your mental body, your physical body and your energetic body to optimal wellbeing.


This course will help you bring deeper alignment to these four crucial pillars, and create sustainable, long-lasting results for yourself that will impact your life, your relationships, your health and your leadership.


Imagine the impact you could make if you..

Set clear boundaries in your professional &personal life
feeling empowered to own your truth instead of “giving yourself away” to please others, creating more overwhelm for yourself.


Embody deeper presence daily

improving your productivity and quality of your work, as well as bringing intentionality behind each task and helping you access a whole new level of creativity and joy.

Ask for what you need with ease from a place of worthiness and avoid unnecessary challenges or arguments with your loved ones or your team members.



Know how to truly switch off from work
so that you can enjoy the pleasures of life, your own company and the company of your loved ones more than ever.


Feel grounded, balanced and energized all at once
having a clear command of your physical and mental energy.


Feel much more inspired and “on purpose”
to move throughout your day with alignment and flow.



Have the tools to navigate any emotional challenges
in a healthy, empowering way while remaining able to run your business and support your clients efficiently.

Have the tools to navigate any emotional challenges
in a healthy, empowering way while remaining able to run your business and support your clients efficiently.


“It changed the way in which I show up in my business and in my life. I connected to some really deep parts of myself and I immediately started to notice the shift. Highly, highly, highly, highly recommended.


Such amazing tools that really ground you and anchor you into alignment to take care of yourself so that you have longevity in the way you show up in your business."

Shay Frago - Hormone + Life Coach

“I cannot recommend this course enough . I’ve had such tremendous breakthroughs from it.


If you’re feeling like you wanna make a drastic shift and you’re committed to showing up, doing the work and being a part of a social community to do so, this is the course for you. This course gave me the inner courage to stick to my truth."

Anna Cauffman - Marketing Expert

What Industry Experts Say…

“Sigrid is a Powerhouse Coach and someone who’s deeply in integrity, and is so immersed in the work that she lives it at all times. Her way of being and loving and her way of understanding and waving between spirituality and the default world and connecting the two, is like no other. If you’re thinking about working with her, the answer is YES. This woman is the real deal.”

Preston Smiles
Author, International Speaker, Personal Freedom Coach

If you have a chance to work with Sigrid, do it. She is an incredible human being that is deeply, deeply integrity in her work.
She is a powerhouse and deeply dropped in. She is like Mother Nature;

such a safe and sacred space. She is an extraordinary woman who is up to amazing things. I cannot wait to see what her work can do for you!“​

Alexi Panos
Best-Selling Author, Coach, Philanthropist & Speaker

“Sigrid is one of these women that I aspire to be more like.
She is a powerful stand for all of us to embody more love in the world; to live a life that is truly full. 

She is truly an embodiment of the work.
If you are thinking about working with her I would absolutely recommend it. I could not stand by her work any more.

Emily Gallagher
Founder of Conscious Boss, Philanthropist, Podcast Host

The 4 Pillars of

Sacred Self Care

Our container. When not fully intentional, in alignment and integrity, our actions (or inactions) can get in our way to living how and what we want. We can only attract into our lives the things we are a vibrational match for.
What we FEEL on a daily basis, and how we process, express and experience those emotions. Also includes emotional ties that we have with others.



Our thoughts, limiting beliefs, insecurities, behaviour patterns and judgements. It includes all things intellectual, including our analytical thought, how we pick up disempowering beliefs and how we process information.
Our skin and everything underneath. Our organs, muscles, brain, digestive systems, fascia, blood, veins, and ligaments. Physical health is so much more than just diet and exercise.



“I feel so much more motivated to take my power back and put myself first.


I lived for other people’s objectives every day, and the harder I worked at living a life that wasn’t balanced, the less balanced it was.


This course forced me to think about some serious truths and face some truths about myself and what I was chasing and why I was chasing it…


Thank you Sigrid for creating that kickass, winner space that has allowed me to up my game and level up in so many different ways!"

Bronwyn Maccallum - Financial Coach

“I highly recommended it to anyone looking at it. This course gave me permission to honour myself, my boundaries, my emotions, my physical and energetic needs… Really prioritize myself on all levels.

This was a very impactful experience for me. I got to look at self-care in a whole new way.

I want to be a leader and to be of service, and I realize that I can’t be the powerful and impactful person I want to be without really filling my cup.

Jessica Lum - Women's Empowerment Coach

Week 1 and 2


  • Discover how leaking energy could be costing you the success you desire in your business and relationships and could be getting in your way to creating a bigger impact.

  • Reclaim and boost your energy and learn to set healthy boundaries in your personal and professional relationships.

  • Become fully intentional and discerning with the thoughts, people, habits, and opportunities you are directing your energy towards.

  • Get “unstuck” from the dissatisfaction you’re unintentionally manifesting in your health, sexuality, career or relationships.

  • Strengthen your energetic container and become a vibrational match for the things you want to call into your life and business!

Week 3 and 4


  • Learn to identify, understand, honour and FEEL your emotions while learning the lessons they are here to teach you.

  • Clear any emotional chords that might be holding you back in life and leadership.

  • Turn into the aspects of yourself that you have been bottling up and avoiding, inevitably impacting your personal life, leadership, and your business.

  • Develop a stronger sense of self-awareness, cut old emotional chords, reconnect with your inner-child, and transform your inner-dialogue.

  • Understand how to hold true space for yourself —including the parts you deem as ‘likable,’ and those you tend to avoid looking (Remember: You can only lead others to the places you’ve dared to lead yourself first).

Week 5 and 6


  • Identify and transform the ingrained limiting beliefs, that could be getting in your way of emotional fulfilment, nourishing relationships or a successful business lifestyle.

  • Cultivate the practices and habits to support you in bringing yourself back to deeper presence; release stress and anxiety and amplify your focus and concentration.

  • Upgrade your beliefs system, and write a new script for yourself that sets you up for holistic, sustainable success.

  • Anchor into sacred practices to help you restore and enjoy the pleasures of life when you aren’t working (to truly switch off, when you sign off).

  • Learn to manage stress and overwhelm as well as increasing your productivity and creativity.

Week 7 and 8


  • Create sacred space to truly honour your temple (your body!), and create sacred commitments to support your physical health to fit your current needs and desires.

  • Align your daily choices and habits with higher intentionality, to access a whole new level of vitality, restoration, fulfillment, and efficiency.

  • Recommit to focusing on the vehicle that carries you through growing intellectually, professionally and spiritually.

  • Discover the foods, movements and daily habits that either fuel or neglect your sacred temple.

  • Learn how to deeply tune into the strong vessel that carries your powerful mission forward, and give it what it needs at any given moment.

Plus you get these Bonuses

BONUS: Breathwork Session with Amy Louise Cash:

This session guided by Breathwork Facilitator and Coach Amy Louise Cash, will support you in releasing emotional blocks you might be carrying, to help you create space for the version of yourself you want to show up as, in your life and leadership.

BONUS: EFT Healing Session with Teddi Emerald:

Solving pain at the touch of your hands. EFT is a life-changing method that offers healing from emotional pain, limiting beliefs and energetic blocks. Transform your emotional state guided by Self-Empowerment Healer Teddi Emerald.

BONUS: “Working On Your Mindset” Session with Michelle Jeovanny:
Dive into deep-self enquiry and challenge the thought patterns that are no longer serving you, guided by Master Coach Michelle Jeovanny.




BONUS: “Upgrade Your Belief System” Hypnosis Session with Sedef Culha:

A session to support you to upgrade your subconscious beliefs, to match the reality you wish to call in both personally and professionally. Guided by Transformational Hypnotherapist Sedef Chulha.


BONUS: Creating a Yoga Practice with Lara Zilibowitz + special Sound Healing addition by Benny Hollaway:

Learn to create a practice that nurtures your body and soul, guided by worldly renowned Yoga Teacher Lara Zilibowitz and Sound Therapist Benny Holloway.

BONUS: Light Activation Session with Maja from Irresistible Tribe:
Upgrade and activate your energy field, so that you can serve yourself and others more powerfully. This session is led by the Spiritual Mentor and Guide Maja from “Irresistible Tribe”.
BONUS: Ecstatic Dance Session with Sophie Sôfrēē:

Learn to release tension and access a deeper level of presence and embodiment through this elemental ecstatic dance practice.




BONUS: Quantum Meditation Session with Susie Mooratoff:

Access the most aligned version of yourself and what you want to call into your life. This session is led by Quantum Healer Susie Mooratoff.




“I definitely recommend jumping on board with this course, Sigrid delivered amazing value, and you will love it.


I knew I needed to create a deeper practice than what I was doing because self-care is a lot more than we get told it is.


I got a whole range of tools and techniques to be able to create a really personalised self-care practice for myself and the support to be able to work through them!"

Anna Dalgliesh - Founder of "the  Autism Collective

I would 100% recommend it.

Sigrid is very, very wise and you will always take many things away from any session you do
with her. With this course, I was able to observe myself from all different perspectives. I really learned how to set boundaries and how to prioritize and put myself first.”

Lorena Garcés

Ditch the hustle; create the alignment

Unlike one-size-fits-all programs, Self-care Is The New Hustle is about giving you the tools you need to move from where you currently are towards where you want and need to be, by focusing on YOU and how you show up for yourself first.

YOU are the constant denominator that connects all areas of your life… This is why creating a deeper connection to yourself, aligning energetically with your vision and ensuring your actions and habits are fully honouring yourself, can create such a long-lasting impact in your daily life, your relationships and your success as a leader and entrepreneur.
It all starts with you.

Time To Honour


Weekly Lesson

Access to a new Video Lesson with Sigrid + Workbook each week.
These sessions will support you to take aligned action, heal and transform from the inside out.

Weekly Bonus Session

Access to a new Bonus Session with a Guest Expert each week. These sessions are for you to simply receive and integrate the work previously done with Sigrid each week.

Tools and Resources

Access to a wide variety of tools and resources that will support you personally and professionally. You will be able to use these for life!

Guide Practices

Be guided through some really powerful sessions by Sigrid and other world-class Coaches, Healers and Facilitators.

This IS for you if:

  • You identify as a woman.

  • You are ready and willing to take aligned action and show up for yourself to benefit your life, your relationships and your business.

  • You are open to learning new tools and ideas that could deeply support you.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You are more committed to your excuses than you are to your possibilities.

  • You are not willing to learn and be supported.

  • You are looking for the magic pill that resolves your problems without any action on your end (this ain’t it).


One-Time Payment



Top features

  • An 8 week in-depth journey dedicated to exploring your emotional, mental, energetic and physical body

  • Weekly Video Lessons

  • Weekly Workbooks

  • Access to all (8) BONUS sessions with our incredible guest mentors

  • A wide variety of tools you will be able to use for the rest of your life!

  • Unlimited access to all lessons

  • Access to our support team

Payment Plan

$197.00 / 3mos


Top features

  • An 8 week in-depth journey dedicated to exploring your emotional, mental, energetic and physical body

  • Weekly Video Lessons

  • Weekly Workbooks

  • Access to all (8) BONUS sessions with our incredible guest mentors

  • A wide variety of tools you will be able to use for the rest of your life!

  • Unlimited access to all lessons

  • Access to our support team

100% Money back guarantee

A big part of self-care is about honouring yourself and honouring your commitments. I am a stand for the highest version of you, and that means you being a stand for yourself and putting in the work to create the results you desire.

I know that if you show up for yourself, you will get incredible results. And this is why if you complete 80% of the course on time, and decide this isn’t of value to you, we will issue a refund for 100% of your investment

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to complete the course in 8 weeks?

While we do recommend to complete it within the 8 weeks timeframe for optimal results, you can take as long as you need to. This course allows you the space to do it at a pace that works for you, and you will also have time to come back to any of the sessions as many times as you want to!

For how long will I have access to the course?

Is there a money back guarantee?

What do I receive when I sign up?

-Hey Babe!-

If you’re new to this community, welcome. My name is Sigrid Tasies and I am a Leadership Embodiment Coach, Speaker, Author of an epic transformational-poetry book called “Intimacy Within”, Host of the Podcast “Sacred Leadership” and Modern Medicine Woman.


I’m on a mission to support world leaders tap into their infinite potential by deepening their embodiment in life and leadership, and bridging ancient wisdom and personal development with entrepreneurship to bring more depth to their impact while amplifying their results.


I’ve coached leaders from all over the world through my online courses, private coaching and live workshops, and one thing I’m clear on is that true success can only be achieved when we look at the person behind the business.


No matter how great your strategy, the ads you run or the sales script you repeat. No matter how much you desire to serve and whether you are already killing it in business, or wanting to see more results… Everything starts with you.


When I first committed to making my Coaching Business succeed, I grew my business from 0 to 6 figures within just a few months… Sexy, right? What you need to know is that I did so at the expense of myself. I experienced burnt out several times, stayed away from social activities and long breaks and caused myself a few health problems.


I was working on empowering others and helping them come to deeper alignment and embodiment, yet I wasn’t doing that for myself… Sounds familiar?


Integrity is one of my number one values, which is why once I realised that’s what I was doing (probably driven by the beliefs I formed back in my days of corporate when I learnt that “You can rest when you’re done, if you want to succeed you must HUSTLE and never stop.”) I forced myself to stop and re-aligned.


I wasn’t sure if I could continue to create that level of success and abundance if I slowed down and took better care of myself. In fact, I was afraid I could not… But I knew I had to be in integrity with what I preached and lead by example.


To my surprise, not only I was able to maintain that level of success while making self-care a priority, but I was also able to grow my revenue by more than double, get my podcast ranking in several countries, get some epic features and launch 2 new programs!


And this is why I created Self-Care Is The New Hustle, babe. Because no level of success is worth you being out of alignment (stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, uninspired, hurt, stuck…).


It’s time to lead by example and align with the things your soul’s here for!

I hope you join me in this sacred journey of self-honouring, I look forward to seeing you in the community!



Much love,

What Happens When You Choose Self-care

As a leader, how do you expect to take care of others if you cannot take care of yourself?

Leaders often put themselves last. They’re burnt out, overworked, lack sleep and have unhealthy routines.

The list seems endless. But if success starts with you, can you expect to continue to be successful if your wellbeing is misaligned?

Living a healthy life holistically is the secret ingredient.

The energy that flows from within, when calibrated, can put you back in charge, allowing you to hold that extra space for your loved ones, clients, health and hobbies.

What you notice is that mentally, anxiety becomes a challenge that can be managed one piece at a time. It leaves you with higher levels of concentration for where you want your focus to be.

The body also grows in ways that age doesn’t limit. You commit to habits and behaviours that make the physical health a seamless integration with mental and emotional vibrancy.

Remember this…you cannot live the life of your dreams if you don’t look after yourself first.

One-Time Payment



Top features

  • An 8 week in-depth journey dedicated to exploring your emotional, mental, energetic and physical body

  • Weekly Video Lessons

  • Weekly Workbooks

  • Access to all (8) BONUS sessions with our incredible guest mentors

  • A wide variety of tools you will be able to use for the rest of your life!

  • Unlimited access to all lessons

  • Access to our support team

Payment Plan

$197.00 / 3mos


Top features

  • An 8 week in-depth journey dedicated to exploring your emotional, mental, energetic and physical body

  • Weekly Video Lessons

  • Weekly Workbooks

  • Access to all (8) BONUS sessions with our incredible guest mentors

  • A wide variety of tools you will be able to use for the rest of your life!

  • Unlimited access to all lessons

  • Access to our support team

© Copyrights by Sigrid Tasies. All Rights Reserved.